Patio’s, Walkways & Walls

Patios bring your living space to the outside of your home, creating a special place for you to relax and unwind or a place to entertain family and friends. There are many styles that can be designed and built to fit your garden and lifestyle. From irregular natural flagstone to rectangular concrete pavers arranged in an ashlar or parquet pattern to square tumbled pavers, there are numerous material options from which to select. We can build the patio that will best suit your home and landscape.

Walkways provide an excellent transition between spaces. From numerous choices of materials such as pavers, gravel, and natural stone, each provide a different personality stamp to your landscape. Elevated walkways such as boardwalks and pedestrian bridges may be necessary to cross wetland areas or creeks.

Retaining walls are often necessary to negotiate the topographical variations in the landscape. Some slopes require tall retaining walls with terraces. Other situations call for short retaining walls to provide definition that would not be achieved in the same way with plants alone on a mild slope. We can build with concrete block or natural stone depending on the location and your goals.