Irrigation and Lighting

Irrigation and in-ground low voltage lighting bring life to your garden. One of the most tedious tasks for a homeowner is to hand water their plants. Installing a sprinkler system is the best way to eliminate this problem. In addition to saving time, sprinkler irrigation systems water plants more thoroughly and deeply than hoses connected to portable lawn sprinklers. In addition, they will reduce water runoff which causes erosion and wastes water. We can install drip emitters, traditional sprinklers, or both depending on your situation.

By highlighting special features and plants after the sun sets, outdoor lighting can make your garden come alive in a whole new way. Since most people work during daylight hours, it can be difficult in the spring and autumn to spend time relaxing outside in the landscape unless there is ample outdoor lighting to highlight the plants and hard surfaces. Even when staying indoors, a landscape becomes more ornamental and inviting at night when viewed from the inside of a home if there is sufficient outdoor lighting.

Both sprinklers and low-voltage outdoor lights often require special knowledge and experience to ensure that they are designed correctly and installed properly. Irrigation helps to ensure a healthy landscape and outdoor lighting helps to ensure that the landscape can be used at any time of the day or night. We offer design consultation, installation, repair and seasonal maintenance for these systems.